“When i see women drinking Alcohol in public… i lose respect for them” – Nigerian man attacked for sexis t statement

Nigerian man attacked for sexist statementTwitter user @wayandtruth received more than he bargained for after he went on twitter to say he has no respect for women he sees drinking beer in public. He based his opinion on the medical complications that could arise for women who drink beer. Female twitter users did not buy his opinion, saying he comes off as a man who would be very controling of his woman. They accused him of using reverse psychology on women.

Red his tweet below;

When i see women drinking Alcohol in public😐😐😐..i lose respect for them..Just dont know why..

To me women are Angels..And i get scared anytime i hurt them.They are in our lives for a reason so i dont joke with them at all..If i am up and chasing my dreams..It all thanks to the women God placed in my life..😍😍😍

That is why i am very protected when it comes to women..Their lifestyle,their eating habit, health etc..
I keep saying all the Great men and women for the next Generation are hidden in the wombs of our women..So we cant even joke with them..We are nothing without them.

So if i see a woman..Drinking alcohol or living a certain kind of lifestyle..Obviously i can only see them in public..🤷‍♂️which can jeopadize her health i dont only get sad but i get hurt and i lose the respect..

We have to protect our women at all cost.. Have you ever seen a depressed woman before..When she wakes up to be told she cant give birth..Men will always be saying dont worry ..But we can never be in their shoes..

So if you take your woman out..Unless your motive is to get her drunk or you just dont value her🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
But if she means everything to you..Please be concerned about whatever she takes in or her lifestyle..She is the future mother of your children…I rest my case😊

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