What Will You Do If Your Girlfriend Of 4 Years Turns Down Your Marriage Proposals?

There is this mentality Nigerian men are always having about marriage. It’s steadily becoming a norm and a standard we are automatically setting for marriage.

An average Nigerian man believes he should have attained a certain level before thinking of getting married. He believes there is an age range, level of achievement, and must have enjoyed himself to a certain level before thinking of settling down.

However, our girls are of the mentality that you don’t have to date a man till eternity before getting married to him.

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Relationships these days are full of lust than love. Both parties rarely have the same intention in the relationship.

Reflecting to this recent video of a man beating up his girlfriend for refusing his proposal as been trending on social media.

There are more male heartbreaks than females. These days, women use and dump guys. 😂😂🤣

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These days, guys no longer go clubbing to impress others. The new trend is to get rich for yourself, family, and your future wife and kids.

Imagine you as a guy is hustling to get the best of life before getting married and your girlfriend you’ve been dating for over 4 years with the hope of getting married some days have another intention.

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So Guys, the question here is this 👇👇👇

What Will You Do If Your Girlfriend Of 4 Years Turns Down Your Marriage Proposals?

Lets have your say on this one

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