Nigerian man shocks parents as he proudly comes out as gay

A Nigerian man has openly come out of the closet. The Twitter user with the handle @tiwadidthat is awaiting reply from his parents after he disclosed to them via ‘Whatsapp’ that he is a proud gay.

The young man also stated that he doesn’t mind getting disowned by his parents.

Coming out to my parents today, what y’all doing??

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“I’m soo in the mood to get disowned today lmao, best believe I planned it so i got through college with no loans before I finally came out.”, he tweeted.

He later shared a screenshot of a bit of his chat with his siblings.

“It’s MUCH longer than this. But most importantly it’s over😭👋🏾✊🏾 period.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#PRIDE #OUT”

He added:

“The girls are SHOOK (my siblings who already knew)”

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