New photos of Lizzy, drug addict saved by Pastor Tony Rapu

New photos of Lizzy, the lady that was saved by Lagos cleric, Pastor Tony Rapu, have been shared by the man of God.

New photos of Lizzy, drug addict saved by Pastor Tony Rapu

While celebrating Father’s day, Pastor Tony Rapu dedicated the day to Lizzy, whom he referred to as his spiritual daughter.

He wrote:

Father’s Day 2019 is dedicated to my spiritual daughter Lizzy who turned 26 in February.

Even though God is ‘Father’, many do not have a positive association with that word because they were raised in dysfunctional homes. For them, ‘father’ triggers painful memories.

So this Father’s Day, let’s be sensitive to those from difficult and painful backgrounds. Many still yearn for positive memories such as running to greet their dad when he returns home from work. This never happened. Some yearn for the father-daughter dance at their wedding. This may never happen with their natural fathers.

Today, let’s reach out in compassion to the physical and spiritual needs of the fatherless, the neglected, abused and abandoned. Let’s cultivate a sensitivity and compassion for children around us who grapple with instability at home. Let’s cherish especially those women who never experienced a father’s affection, by treating them with genuine love and dignity.

Look out for the Father’s Day series of 4 videos that capture Lizzy’s progress.

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