I wish I had a best friend that can borrow my clothes – Laura Ikeji

I wish I had a best friend that can borrow my clothes – Laura Ikeji

Fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji has flaunted her closet on social media with a wish that she had a best friend who would share the items she’s got with.

According to her, if she were to do such with a friend, it would be someone she can trust to the point that the person can come to her house and pick any item even when she’s away.

She wrote:

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“Sometime I wish I had a best friend that can come borrow my wigs, clothes, bags, shoes, someone that can come to my house without me being around, someone I could trust enough to travel with me and my family, (Not a staff or someone who works with me), someone who loved fashion like me, or maybe if my husband had a younger sister she could share my stuff with me or maybe”.

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She also revealed that the best friend she has is the type that is not concerned about fashion.

“My best friend @misszaynab doesn’t care about all these, this girl hasn’t asked me for a dime in about 15 years that I’ve known her , I love u Yemisi, just sometimes I wished u liked all these fashion and its mess lol. U just no send”, Laura Ikeji added.

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