How To Share/Transfer Data On Glo Network

Do you want to share data with friends or relatives but have no idea how to do it? Need to change your data plan on Glo, but you still have a lot of data on your current plan? Transfer, gift or share data on Glo with our easy tips.

Glo data plans


Before gifting or sharing, you have to know what plan your friend, relative or a loved one uses. There is a wide variety of plans, and each one of them has a unique USSD code. You will later use it to transfer data, so keep code in mind!

How to share data on Glo?

First you have to be subscribed to a glo data plan that has sharing and gifting service. Then there are several options for sharing, depending on your needs.

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Sharing data plan


If you have a data plan that works for you, you can share it with your family instead of buying different data plans for each member. All you need is the person’s number.

  • To Share your data plan dial *127*01*[person’s number]# or send “Share [person’s number]” to 127. E.g. dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or send Share0805XXXXXXX to 127.
  • To Remove people from sharing dial *127*02*[person’s number]# or send “Remove [person’s number]” to 127. E.g. dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or send Remove0805XXXXXXX to 127.
  • To see the list of people with whom you are sharing your plan dial *127*00# or send “List” to 127.
  • You can also visit from your phone (using Glo SIM).

Sending data as a gift or transferring to another number

If you need data on your other number, or you want to send a gift to your relative, friend or a loved one, you can use the “Gift” feature.

  • To transfer data to your other number or send it as a gift dial 127*[USSD_Plan_Number]*[person’s number]# or send “Gift [person’s number]” to 127
  • You can also visit from your phone (using Glo SIM).
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How to check Glo data?

To check any information about your data plan, visit from your mobile with a Glo SIM. You can also dial *127*0# or send an SMS with the word “info” to 127.

As you can see, it takes only a few steps to share your data with your friends and loved ones. Feel free to use different options (via or sending a text message), depending on what you prefer.

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