Abike Dabiri frowns at the criminalization of all Nigerians in Ghana

Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora, Abike Dabiri in a new interview with Joy TV Ghana, slammed the Ghanaian authorities over the criminalization of all Nigerians in Ghana.

Abike Dabiri frowns at the criminalization of all Nigerians in Ghana

Abike Dabiri stated that the sins of few shouldn’t be used to judge many and even traders who are going about their legitimate businesses.


While the Ghanaian interviewer maintained that the Ghanaians took laws into their hands since security operatives failed, Abike Dabiri who is an aide to President Buhari stated that what the Ghanaian authorities are doing at the moment is severing the ties between both countries. She said;

Protect Nigerians in Ghana because they are there legally and they need to be protected. If youbdo not want them, tell them you don’t.

Arrest those Nigerians that commit crimes in Ghana instead of generalizing all Nigerians as criminals and attacking them.

Abike Dabiri says her attention has been drawn to many media publications in Ghana criminalizing all Nigerians in Ghana. She insists that Nigerian citizens are there legally and should be protected. She also insisted that it is the Ghanaian government’s duty to protect Nigerians who are in the country. They should arrest and let those who commit crimes there face the law instead of generalizing and treating all Nigerians in Ghana as criminals.

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